LOVE | A romantic marriage proposal!

LOVE is undeniably the greatest feeling, state of being and gift that we can experience, possess, give and receive.  LOVE is one of the themes that I draw inspiration from when I write a poem or a spoken word piece.  The story that I am about to share with you is a love story which takes place in mid air and I mean that in a literal sense hehe!


When a man proposes to the woman he loves, the woman will always remember how special he made her feel, that moment will always be cherished and it will never be forgotten!  This was the precisely the case for my niece Nia and her partner Kelo. They both live in Sydney, Australia. My niece Nia is Tongan and her partner Kelo is Samoan.  They have been dating for quite some time and they love each other very much. So naturally, marriage was the next step.

Nia and Kelo had planned to a trip to Tonga to spend Christmas 2011 and New Years 2012 there. Without Nia knowing, Kelo had sought the permission from her parents for her hand in marriage prior to their flight to Tonga (Go Kelo!).  He had also organised his marriage proposal plans with the airline staff prior to them boarding the aircraft and so the staff were in on the surprise too.

On the day of their flight to Tonga, Nia and Kelo had boarded the plane and they sat in their allocated seats.  Shortly after that, a flight attendant approached them to ask if they wanted to move into first class. Nia thought that the flight attendant had only meant for Kelo to move into first class so after she spoke with Kelo about it, they asked the guy sitting next to them to move into first class because they both wanted to sit next to each other.  Eventually the flight attendant came back to them to ask for both Nia and Kelo to move into first class and so they proceeded to their first class seats. Unbeknown to Nia, this was all part of Kelo’s plan.

When their flight reached halfway to Tonga, Kelo received the indication from the flight attendant that this was his moment. Kelo got out of his seat and walked over to the flight attendant (remember this was all planned ahead).  The flight attendant then picked up the PA microphone and called Nia to the front. Puzzled, Nia made her way to the front and the flight attendant handed the PA michrophone over to Kelo.  Nia stood in front of the first class passengers, wondering what was going on.  Kelo spoke into the PA michrophone and informed everyone on board the flight of how much he loves Nia and how special she is to him! Then he turned to Nia and told her how much she means to him.  THE MAN then got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked Nia if she would take him as her husband and if she will marry him… *sigh*  Nia stood there crying and everyone on board the plane cheered and clapped for them.  Nia’s answer was of course “YES”.

Their flight arrived in Tonga and the couple were happily engaged.  To Nia’s surprise, awaiting their arrival at the Tonga airport was her Father and her relatives and they were ready to celebrate their happy news!


CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN TO NIA & KELO!  You are truly blessed my beautiful niece with such a good man!  What a classy marriage proposal and such a wonderful way to start 2012.  I’m so happy for you both!

‘Ofa lahi atu xox


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my lupus related blog. It is nice to hear from a fellow poet, and enjoyable to read your new blog. You have a great start here, and I will look forward to following you as you develop your blogging voice and theme. Have a great day! Lupus Adventurer

  2. I Like Your post & Thank you for visiting and following the O.W. Prince Ministries Web Blog. I pray that your experience is enlightening, empowering and thoroughly enjoyed.
    Thank You Again For Visiting and Keep Looking Up!

    O.W. Prince

  3. First I want to say thank you for supporting my site. Second, it’s nice to know that although love is not meant for some and that marriage may never come our way, that there is still love out there. To know that a man thinks so highly of you that he wants you to be with him for life, just you and no one else, is what makes the heart beat faster, stronger and last longer.

    1. Thank you also for supporting my site. I enjoy reading your adventures on the road, it’s exciting and very interesting! I love it! 🙂 I agree with you that marriage may never occur with some people but I also believe that love has no bounds and also that there is love still out there. It is very exciting when a man wants you to be his wife for all time and eternity. For those who are still searching for their lifetime partner, to not give up hope. I believe that there is a special someone out there for each person. 🙂

  4. wow Maryanne, when your cousin Nia, cried I cried too … how sweet, and my heart was clapping with the rest of the first class passengers … for Nia and Kelo, love was truly in the Air, talamonu atu kia Nia mo Kelo ‘ihe fa’u famili fo’ou, ofa ke faitapuekina kinau ‘ehe Otua. Once again thank you Maryanne for this beautiful love story .. ofa atu

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