Something Worth Reading by South Auckland Poets Collective

In 2010, the South Auckland Poets Collective published its’ first anthology of poems titled: Something Worth Reading. With 96 pages, you will find poems from the following contributing Poets;  Andrew Riwhi-Harding, Mafi Tavo, Monica Cheung, Norman Tiumalu, Olive Asi, Pisi Fa’aauro, Tarah Rudolph Ah Kiau, Daren Kamali, Grace Teuila Evelyn Taylor and Ramon Narayan. A DVD also accompanies this book which showcases the Poets performances.  This book and dvd is an anthology of poems that were written since the formation of the South Auckland Poets Collective in 2007.


The publication of Something Worth Reading was made possible with the support of Creative NZ Arts Council of New Zealand, Toi Aotearoa and also Youthline. This anthology was edited by Karlo Mila. The design and layout of the book were created by Tamara Miles and the DVD was directed and produced by Oliver Kraft and Jan Steffen.  Photo credit (for the image above): Alaisa Amanda Pritchard.

In 2010, I was proud to be one of four new members who joined up with the South Auckland Poets collective.  In that same year, the new and original members of this collective joined forces and launched the book and DVD, Something Worth Reading.  Here is one of the media coverage for the launch:

What I love about this anthology of poems are the young urban Maori and Pasifika voices that surface as you turn each page. Each Poet writes fearlessly, expressing their inner most thoughts and illustrating their experiences through written word.  Confidence exudes through the poetry in this anthology and it reflects the perspectives of the youth of today making this anthology undeniably current. At times young people’s voices are silenced and other times it goes without recognition. This book and DVD has provided them with a platform for their voices to be heard and recognised. Some of the themes in this anthology include; identity, ancestry, family, friends, love and betrayl. I enjoyed reading through this anthology and I loved watching the DVD (which is a great accompaniment to the book). I highly recommend this anthology (and of course, I have my own copy & DVD yay!).

The South Auckland Poets Collective book & DVD are available for $30.00. You can place your order by emailing Grace at

The South Auckland Poets Collective was established by the founding members, Grace Taylor, Ramon Narayan & Daren Kamali in 2007 as part of a Youthline initiative. Since then, the collective has grown into a diverse group of poets, singers, musicians, writers and performers from in and around South Auckland, New Zealand. Poems written on paper are brought to life through the distinct and unique voices of urban Pasifika and Maori experiences that each Poet shares.  The greatest part in being a member of this collective is that our love for poetry has brought us together to unite as Pasifika and Maori young people with the intent to share, celebrate, inspire and involve audiences into a moment of our thoughts and lives.

For more information about the South Auckland Poets Collective, please check out our links:



In a previous post I mentioned that most of our members of the South Auckland Poets Collective will travel to San Francisco to participate in the Brave New Voices conference. This conference will focus on spoken word performances and poetry writing with over 500 young poets from over 50 parts of the United States and cities across the globe.

If you are in Auckland, New Zealand, please attend our fundraiser this Thursday 23rd February at the Mangere Arts Centre.  Proceeds will go towards the expenses for the trip to the Brave New Voices conference, San Francisco.


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