South Auckland Poets Collective with Hawaii Youth Speaks

As explained in my previous posts, most of the members of the South Auckland Poets Collective will travel to San Francisco to participate in the Brave New Voices conference in July 2012. This conference will specifically focus on spoken word performances and poetry writing with over 500 young poets from over 50 parts of the United States and cities across the globe.

Prior to travelling to the U.S. the South Auckland Poets Collective have recently engaged with Poets from Hawaii by hosting an event entitled Niu Navigations in Auckland, New Zealand. The international guest poets were from Hawaii Youth Speaks.  It was an inspiring night for all who had attended as you will see in this FRESH TV coverage of the evening:

In 2010, I had joined up as one of four new members for the South Auckland Poets Collective.  Since then I have performed spoken word with this collective to live audiences in Auckland and Dunedin (New Zealand). My experiences with this collective have helped develop my voice through poetry. I count being a member of this collective as a blessing because I am surrounded by Poets who are passionate about writing and performance poetry. I am extremely excited for the team of Poets from our collective who will travel to San Francisco as they will be sharing our unique Pasifika and New Zealand experiences with those who reside in the U.S.

For more information about the South Auckland Poets Collective, please check out our website:

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    1. Small world Martin! I’m so proud of the team that’s going to the States. They have worked so hard to fundraise, write and perform their poetry in front of live audiences. Thanks for your kind words. Hope you’re having a fab Easter weekend. God bless xox

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