Dr Ben Carson in New Zealand | DVD Now Available!

Earlier this year, Dr Ben Carson and his wife Candy travelled to New Zealand as part of a venture undertaken by Duffy Books in Homes, a New Zealand Charity that puts books into the hands of children in New Zealand Schools and Mr Kevin Drinkwater the CIO of Mainfreight Ltd, an avid supporter of Duffy Books in Homes. If you are not yet familiar with who Dr Ben Carson is, please view the trailer of the movie “Gifted Hands” (see below). It is a feature film based on his life experiences which spans from his childhood years up to his extraordinary career as a Neurosurgeon. He is an inspiration indeed!

During Dr Ben Carson’s visit to New Zealand, the Seventh Day Adventist Church in North New Zealand hosted an evening where he was interviewed by Petra Bagust and Dr Ian Grant. The event took place at the Woolf Fisher Arena, Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre, in front of an audience of over 2000. My sister and I were fortunate to be in amongst the audience on that night as we have been inspired by Dr Ben Carson’s auto-biographies. Being able to see and hear Dr Ben Carson speak live was empowering and very thought provoking which lead me to blog about the event shortly after it took place (see link below).

With the generous assistance of Invesure Productions, the Seventh Day Adventist North New Zealand presents a DVD of the interview that took place with Dr Ben Carson at the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre.

To purchase your copy of the DVD at $15 each, please contact Hana Greenfield, Ph: 09 262 5624, Mob: 021 483 002, Email: HanaGreenfield@adventist.org.nz Please note that there are only a limited supply of DVD’s.

All proceeds from the sale of the DVD’s will go to Duffy Books in Homes.

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