Celebrating New Zealand’s National Poetry Day with Blackmail Press

Today, 27th July, is New Zealand’s National Poetry Day! HAPPY NATIONAL POETRY DAY! This day marks its’ 15th year of celebration and the organiser Siobhan Harvey has said that “more than ever before the shows are interactive and visual, and there are some truly creative events using multi-media. There’s something for everyone. National Poetry Day isn’t just for established poets; it’s also for people who simply want to give poetry a go. So if you harbour a desire to perform a piece of your own, this is the day to throw caution to the wind.” (www.scoop.co.nz).

I am deeply honoured to celebrate National Poetry Day with the publication of four of my poems in Blackmail Press. HOORAY! Issue #33 went live today to mark the 15th year of celebration of New Zealand’s National Poetry Day. I am one of about 40 Poets from in and around New Zealand whose poems have been published in Issue #33! Here is the link: Issue #33 of Blackmail Press.

I am utterly grateful to the Editor Doug Poole for including four of my poems in this issue. My four poems are: Traversing the Waters (for Tupou Neiufi), Grounded Underneath a Tongan Sky, Ocean Bliss and Courage. What an honour! Here is the link to my poetry: My poems in Blackmail Press.

Photo Above:  I had the honour of meeting the Editor of Blackmail Press at the beginning of this year at the Pasifika Stars of Poetry event whereby Doug Poole was one of the Poets for that showcase.

I hope that everyone continues to celebrate POETRY not only today but in everyday of the year by supporting Poets all around the world! Check out this article for details for the different events that have been organised around the nation to mark the celebration of New Zealand’s National Poetry Day: New Zealand’s National Poetry Day.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS MARYANNE! Hope you celebrate your love for poetry with this awesome honor! You have come so far but yet feel like this is just your beginning. Your poetry will inspire, uplift, and touch many lives as you continue to write & share your life experiences. Celebrate this day because you deserve it in your hometown. Know that you are loved and we love seeing you strive & succeed. Alofa Tele Atu! xoxo

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