World Humanitarian Day

August 19th of every year marks the official day that the world celebrates the United Nations’ (UN) World Humanitarian Day. This day honours all humanitarians who have worked in the promotion of the humanitarian cause, and those who have lost their lives in the cause of duty.

This day aims to increase public awareness about humanitarian assistance activities worldwide and the importance of international cooperation. It’s a day that the United Nations hopes to inspire 1 billion people via social media.

This year’s theme for the campaign is I Was Here and it is about making your mark by doing something good, somewhere, for someone else. The spokesperson for this year’s event is Beyonce. In commemoration of this day, she produced this video to her song I Was Here. Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Thank you for the video. I will post on my facebook. Need events like this one to make us understand the world is for all people. We are one people on one planet.

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