A Poetic Marriage Proposal: Yvonne Taufa and Peni Falealili

Yvonne (a New Zealand born Tongan) and Peni (aka Ben, an American born Samoan) have been dating long distance for over three and a half years. This is truly a beautiful love story.

I grew up with Yvonne and her family within the same church and she, her siblings and I also attended the same schools. Yvonne is a beautiful and humble young woman whose heart speaks volumes in the works that she continues to do selflessly for others. Her faith and walk in God sets an example not only for her siblings but for many young women to follow fearlessly. She is the Proverbs 31 woman. I am blessed to know her and her loving family.

In 2010, I first met Peni through Yvonne when he visited her here in New Zealand. During that visit, he performed one of his poems entitled “Love Bug” in front of us (a small group of friends) which left Yvonne blushing hehe! He is a wonderful man with a heart for God. He has treated Yvonne with the utmost sincerity, love and respect. He is the perfect gentleman.

Recently, Yvonne and her Mum visited America for their family reunion. It was last week when Peni surprised Yvonne, in front of family, friends and God, with his heart-warming and romantic marriage proposal. The poem “Halfway to Forever” was performed by Peni and his friends, a piece that Peni had written especially for Yvonne. Truly priceless!

My friends, family and I cried when we watched the marriage proposal video (see below). We are so happy and excited for Yvonne and Peni. This is definitely a heartfelt moment for Yvonne, Peni, all their families and friends. They truly deserve the best and all the happiness that life can bring.

CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN VONI & PENI! May God continue to bless you both abundantly today and in the many years to come. Thank you both for your examples of faith, love and respect. ‘Ofa lahi atu xox

This is a photo of Yvonne Taufa and Peni Falealili on their engagement photoshoot in America. #TrueLove


  1. Awww my goodness Maryanne thanks for sharing. What a beautiful story and what a beautiful proposal started balling when her father gave his blessing. Amazing best wishes for the couple!

    1. Hi Hema,
      I know right? That was the part that made my tears fall too. Thank you for visiting and leaving your well wishes for Voni and Peni. They are two amazing people. Have a fantastic week.
      God bless xox

    1. Hi Subhan,
      Thanks for visiting and leaving your kind words. Enjoy the new week and thanks once again for your time that you had taken to share with us (bloggers and readers) your wonderful works.
      God bless xox

  2. Hi Maryanne…

    wow..that was beautiful…
    I’m so happy for them as well…

    May they be bless with unconditional love, mutual understandings, much happiness with friends and family and success in their life thru…

    Love has made its way there in their heart..may it remain there forever…

    ~ KeY

  3. Hi Maryanne Pale, Wow! Thank you for sharing! I’ve heard some of Peni’s spoken word poems before on youtube and his talent is beyond blessed. Praying the best for the both of them. Also, bless you and your poetic talents too! Keep the posts coming 🙂 Kind regards, Sepi

    1. Hi Sepi,
      Thank you for visiting this blog and for leaving your kind words. Peni’s work is heart-felt and moving and it’s special to see that he has used his gift in poetry to not only express his love for Yvonne but to also honour her with sincerity and respect.
      Many thanks for your encouragement, I truly appreciate it.
      God bless xox

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