Love, Gratitude & Spoken Word

1017502_10151702139479266_408584761_nSince my last blog post, things have been wonderfully busy and I want to share some of those experiences, particularly in spoken word. For the month of July, I was provided with opportunities to perform spoken word at different events. For those reasons, I am deeply honoured and humbled for the invitations that I have received and I want to acknowledge and thank the people who have provided me with such opportunities.

July 11th 2013, I was invited by Tongan Artist and Educator, Dagmar Dyck, to share spoken word at the Tongan Research Association Conference for the Arts day. The day provided a platform for Tongan artists and academics to present their work. I performed alongside poets Dr Karlo Mila-Schaaf and Mepa Taufa-Vuni which was heart-warming.

1045075_10151707749119266_2136586965_nJuly 13th 2013, I was invited by the Auckland Central Branch Executive team to share spoken at the PACIFICA Northern Region Mini-Conference which saw many Pacific women from around the North Island attend this event. It was a lovely event filled with laughter and food for thought presented by an inspirational talk from the keynote speaker for that day, MC and Singer Teremoana Rapley.

July 17th, I traveled to my homeland, the Kingdom of Tonga. It was such a heart-warming trip back home. I reunited with my family to commemorate a couple of my Aunts and to celebrate another Aunts’ 90th birthday. The day I had departed from New Zealand, I composed a poem on the plane for my Aunt who turned 90 years of age that weekend. To be able to share my poetry with family members while I was in the Kingdom of Tonga was special.

July 29th 2013, I was invited by Dr Meaola Amituanai-Toloa to speak with first year students at the Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland about my journey thus far as a form of encouragement and empowerment for the students to remain determined in their course of study. At the end of my talk, a young student raised his hand and asked if I could perform a spoken word piece. And so I performed one of my pieces which felt like the natural thing to do after a speaking engagement.

1077147_10151752300649266_536723713_oAugust 2nd 2013, I was invited by the Head of McCauley High School’s Student Council, Rose Fata-Leone, to be a guest judge for McCauley High’s Got Talent event. It was such a fun and vibrant event. I loved seeing the superb talent amongst the performers that day.

This weekend, I will be sharing spoken word once again. I would like to thank ‘Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki for the invitation to perform spoken word at Labour’s Women Leadership Conference. I am honoured and I am looking forward to it.

For each of the events listed above, I offer my thanks to each of you who has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to share something that I love. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! To my family and friends who continue to support everything that I do, malo ‘aupito. I sincerely appreciate your love, encouragement and prayers. ‘Ofa lahi atu xox To the readers of my blog, thank you for joining me on this little journey of mine. I appreciate the feedback that I receive via email and in person. Much love xox

At the beginning of this year,  I did not expect any of these opportunities to arise and I am appreciative of every experience. To be provided with great opportunities to share spoken word and to share my story, I have walked away leaving a piece of my heart with those who have connected with me. From these experiences, I have gained perspective that although I had my own plans in place at the beginning of this year, God led me through His plans in order for me to continue to learn and to grow. I give all the glory and honour unto God for I truly believe that He has definitely paved the way ahead of me.

I conclude this blog post with one of my favourite spoken word pieces entitled “Love On” by American Poet Rawsrvnt. Enjoy!


    1. Thank you Wendell, it is nice to hear from you once again. I appreciate your kind words and likewise, I have missed reading your wonderful works. You continue to uplift everyone with your beautiful poetry. I hope all is well with you and your family. Enjoy the remainder of this week. Much love xox

  1. It sounds like you have been doing very well, Maryanne, and I’m so happy for all the opportunities given to you. I know it’s been a long time, but as Wendell said, I think of you often. This virtual world is surreal in that we lose contact sometimes with some friends, but then we come around and see each other again. I seem to be rambling, but I hope you know what I mean. Anyway, I wish you all the best and I send much love and many hugs to you, too! Lauren ♥

    1. Hi Lauren, it is lovely to hear from you once again. I hope the year has been wonderful for you and your family. I know what you mean about reconnecting once again, it puts a smile on my face. I have missed reading your heartwarming works also. Keep up the great work. Enjoy the weekend. Much love xox

  2. Hehe it has been a while since I’ve been on here. It’s fantastic reading about all your performances at different events. I’m so proud of you! May you continue to inspire others to reach their dreams. Keep smiling and keep shining! Love you xox

    1. Aww thank you lil’ sis. What a nice surprise. Thank you for everything. I appreciate your ongoing love, encouragement and support. It means a lot. Love you & the girls xox

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