PACIFICA Breast Cancer Awareness – Annual Walk and Breakfast

October is Breast Cancer month here in New Zealand. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women affecting one in nine New Zealand women over their lifetime. While uncommon, men can get breast cancer too.  Seven New Zealand women, on average, will hear the news today that they have breast cancer. Most will survive five years or longer if the cancer is detected early enough but tragically, around 650 women die of the disease every year.

As a member of the PACIFICA Auckland Central Branch, I would like to share about our PACIFICA Breast Cancer Awareness Annual Walk and Breakfast which is set to take place on Saturday 5th October 2013 from 6:45am – 10:00am. This event aims to raise awareness within our community about breast cancer and to also encourage our Pacific women to get regular checkups. Pink will be the colour of the day and spot prizes will be presented after the walk around One Tree Hill. If you are able to make it, then wear your pink leis and seis. Please refer to the flyer for more details and please help spread the word. I hope to see you there!

PACIFICA Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and Breakfast

Here is a video link from the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation:

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