Welcome to creativetalanoa.com!


www.creativetalanoa.com is now the new URL for my blog as it highlights the telling of stories, the sharing of experiences, ideas and inspiration.

The term “Talanoa” in the Tongan language denotes as “to talk (in an informal way), to tell stories or relate experiences, to talk about, or to say” (Churchward, 1959, p447). The term “Talanoa” is also used in the Fijian and Samoan languages with similar meanings.

Thank you for joining me for another year of blogging. I look forward to sharing new posts this year.

Malo ‘aupito xox


  1. Your new blog is absolutely beautiful…it reflects your heart and spirit wonderfully! It also captures so vividly the exquisiteness of the South Pacific area. May your new year know only a continued blossoming and a abundance of blessings! God bless you and your family!

  2. Awesome! It’s refreshing, love it. A new start for the new year. Here’s to new beginnings yay bring on 2014! xox

  3. Endorsing what others have earlier said. Its a beautiful page and it looks very professional and very Pacific. Best wishes for the New Year and the great things that 2014 will bring. ‘Ofa atu and God’s Blessings.

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