New Season – New Year


Happy New Year! I trust that Christmas and the welcoming of a new year went well with your loved ones. It is great to be in a new season and a new year.

This blog was first created on 7th January 2012 and after a couple of name changes, it has remained as So it has been 4 years now! Yay! Time surely does fly by. Thank you to all who continue to read and follow my blog. I truly appreciate your support.

It is now exactly 2 weeks into 2016 and things are moving quite quickly which is exciting! This year will see new special guests featured on this blog and they will share with us some of their stories and experiences. (Please note that this is a community based blog so I do not get paid to feature special guests on this blog nor do I pay special guests to be featured on this blog. #JustSaying) 😄

If you have any feedback or enquiries about this blog please click on “Contact” (at the top of the page) and then complete your details. I would love to hear from you!

Enjoy the remainder of the week. I look forward to connecting with you on here.

MP 🌺


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