Thrive in 2018!


I hope that you and your loved ones had a wonderful break over the Christmas and New Year period. I was fortunate to be able to fly home to New Zealand to spend the holidays with my family and loved ones. It was an enjoyable and truly heart-warming time. Now that I have returned to Australia for work, I am excited for what lies ahead.

2017 was a year of change for me in terms of my academic career. In June 2017, I relocated from Western Sydney University (in Sydney) to Swinburne University of Technology (in Melbourne) to take on an academic role in the Department of Education. This period was absolutely exciting. Upon reflection, my first semester at Swinburne was successful and I am happy that positive outcomes were achieved. In addition, I am grateful for my family, my partner, my friends and colleagues who supported me during the transition into a new academic institution as well as helping me to settle into Melbourne.

This week, I started back at work and in the process I have been reviewing my goals for 2018. I found myself asking ‘what can I do differently this year?’ that will contribute to my growth and development not only in my academic career but also in other aspects of my life. So while I  take the remainder of the week to put my thoughts into action, I would like to share 7 brief points as a reminder for you to walk in your strengths and thrive in 2018.

1. Set goals and focus. Be realistic. Do not take on too many tasks or goals at once.

2. Surround yourself with positive role models. They will remind you of what you are capable of achieving and support you through the challenges.

3. Exercise. Eat healthy. Drink plenty of water. Your physical health is important so do not place this as your last priority.

4. Rest. Reflect. Rejuvenate. A place of solitude will help you to gain peace and perspective. Make time for yourself each day – unapologetically!

5. Learn about a culture that is different to yours. Celebrating diversity is a wonderful thing.

6. Draw strength from something or someone greater than you. Allowing positive energy to flow into your life will always have a positive impact.

7. Be a leader. Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.

Best wishes for the new year! Thank you once again for following the blog. I look forward to sharing more stories this year and connecting with you along the way.

God bless,

Dr. Maryanne Pale

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