Lest We Forget

I am delighted to share the very first poem that my 8 year old niece Mele’ofa Finau in New Zealand has written. Mele’ofa’s primary school teacher asked her class to write a poem in remembrance of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) for this day April 25th 2018 – ANZAC Day. Below is Mele’ofa’s poem:

Lest We Forget

by Mele’ofa Finau (8 years old)


Really afraid

Cold, unsafe

Gas and smoke rise in the air

Mud. Everywhere.

Flies, starving with hunger

Tears dripping from my chin as I watch

People fighting.

Gunshots echo

People shout

Generals yell commands

Soldiers hiding the best they can

Behind dead trees.

The ground cracked as trenches tumble

People stuck with no escape

No flowers, no hope

Death for so many



Coming home


Waiting anxiously

With happy tears of joy

Dripping from his chin

He sees me

His arms reach out

I feel happy that I’m home

And sad that my friends are not.


Photos:  The photos below were taken during the ANZAC Day march in Melbourne City, Australia this morning which I was able to attend. With love, Dr. Maryanne Pale.  #LestWeForget



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