Creative Talanoa with Special Guests

The following list consists of the special guests who have been featured on this blog. To read each post, click on the name of the special guest. Enjoy the read.

Professor Albert Wendt (Playwright, Author, Painter and Poet)

Andrew Faleatua (Composer and Jazz Pianist)

Brian Misinale (Hip Hop Artist and Poet)

Christina Vehikite (Coloratura Soprano)

Courtney Sina Meredith (Musician, Playwright and Poet)

Daren Kamali (Music Artist and Poet)

Doug Poole (Editor of Blackmail Press and Poet)

Grace Taylor (Author, Teaching Artist and Performance Poet)

Hinemoana Baker (Author, Singer, Songwriter and Performance Poet)

Isabella Moore (Soprano)

Jahra Rager (Choreographer, Contemporary Dancer and Performance Poet)

Dr Karlo Mila (Academic, Author and Poet)

Luka Lesson (Hip Hop Artist, Teaching Artist and Performance Poet)

Martin Leung-Wai (Creative Entrepreneur, Architect and Artist)

Mele’ana To ‘i Pouono Kalekale Wickham (Traditional Tongan Artist)

Mepa Taufa-Vuni (Educationalist, Author and Poet)

Rev Mua Strickson-Pua (Educationalist and Poet)

Olive ‘Asi (Actress and Poet)

Rizvan Tu’itahi (Hip Hop Artist and Actor)

Chef Robert Oliver (Author, Chef and TV Host)

Serie Barford (Educationalist and Poet)

Subhan Zein (Academic and Poet)

Tim Jones (Editor and Poet)

Vaimoana Niumeitolu (Artist, Painter, Actress and Performance Poet)

Winnie Siulolo Dunn (Author, Poet and Academic)

Zane Scarborough (Educationalist and Performance Poet)

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